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Share | offers RSS/Atom services which let you keep in touch with our latest updates.

Our available RSS/Atom feeds categories are the following (just copy the RSS/Atom link and paste into your reader):

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What is RSS/Atom?

Atom and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) are similar technologies that help you keep track of new content on your favorite sites immediately after it is published. With the RSS/Atom format there is no need to visit your favourite sites one by one to receive news from them; all you have to do is enter their RSS information stream into a compatible program and all your news sources will appear on a single screen.

It is basically an information channel that condenses the content of a website into brief headlines, which are stored in a ‘feed'. You can then "subscribe" to this feed and run it through a piece of software called a reader. This enables you to read the summarised content of the site - quick, easy and completely under your control.

RSS and Atom are 2 different formats of presenting the news feeds. Most news feeds readers support both formats.

How can I use RSS/Atom?

To use RSS/Atom feeds you need an RSS reader. Here are your choices:

A. Download and install specialist RSS/Atom information stream aggregation software, known as an RSS reader or news aggregator, like one of the following (notice that in this case you can only access your RSS feeds through your PC):

For Windows:
FeedReader (
RSSReader (
RSSBandit (
Omea Reader (

For Mac:
NetNewsWire (
Cyndicate (

For Linux:
Lifera (
Akregator (

B. Subscribe to an online RSS reader service like
• Google Reader ( for Google users
• My Yahoo ( for Yahoo users
• Bloglines (
• FeedShow (
• NewsGator (

C. Activate your browser's (ΙΕ 7, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.) or your e-mail client's RSS service if it's supported (you might need to install a plug-in).